Good deeds 7

This is still on my mind, so I thought I’d share an experience I had yesterday… I was buying coffee in Kensington; a man came in to buy some candy. He commented that he was going to be nickel and diming [the cashier], today, to which she responded that it was fine. I leaned over to him and asked if I could buy him something. He stated that he […]

From the archives:
Feeding my love of light

Whether it be from sunshine, candle light, artificial light or the glow from my mobile phone when I get a text message from him. I love the warm glow that can come from certain light sources. Well, even though I haven’t lit this candle yet, I absolutely love it. From the packaging to the item itself, I have never been more excited over a single candle! You see, these […]

“Good deeds are only done when there’s a profit margin” – Prince Ea 1

His delivery is brilliant, but in case you’d rather read it: The world is coming to an end The air is polluted, the oceans contaminated The animals are going extinct, the economy’s collapsed Education is shot, police are corrupt Intelligence is shunned and ignorance rewarded The people are depressed and angry We can’t live with each other and we can’t live with ourselves So everyone’s medicated We pass each […]

“I don’t help yellow teeth”

It was only one of a few striking comments made on twitter about Homeless people. The video showcases the opposite of the kind of attitude towards humanity I want to post about but the end result is the same because the video, originally posted by Raising the Roof Canada, is trying to change the conversation about Homelessness which is something I can totally get on board with. If you’re […]

Feels for Deedee

Okay, so it was done by a bank who filmed and produced this video for publicity but I still cried when I watched the video. Many of us have had to go through a tough loss1, and it would be so easy to want to give up and let it all go to waste. It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, and to want to be […]