“I don’t help yellow teeth”

It was only one of a few striking comments made on twitter about Homeless people. The video showcases the opposite of the kind of attitude towards humanity I want to post about but the end result is the same because the video, originally posted by Raising the Roof Canada, is trying to change the conversation about Homelessness which is something I can totally get on board with. If you’re […]

From the archives:
But you will never have my rhyme

I was really anxious on the drive over because the last time I went to a xJohn Mayerx concert, I had to drive to London and had forgotten my credit card. When I called the number on my ticket confirmation, the lady said I would definitely need my credit card to collect the tickets. So we started to back-track, half-way through I decided to turn around without collecting my […]

Feels for Deedee

Okay, so it was done by a bank who filmed and produced this video for publicity but I still cried when I watched the video. Many of us have had to go through a tough loss1, and it would be so easy to want to give up and let it all go to waste. It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, and to want to be […]

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Missing Person: Found

We see these postings far too often; some young thing goes missing, their loved ones are devastated and we all fear the worst. And also too often, the news reports the worst outcomes: the body of that missing person we just heard about was found1 but sometimes the authorities find the missing person safe2. I know the bad outcomes outnumber the good, and I’m not trying to pretend that […]

Four years ago 3

The other day, a friend of mine who takes amazing photographs, Chris Luckhardt posted something on his Instagram account that got me thinking about the horrible earthquake that devastated Japan. His post: Since you can’t read the full description that Chris wrote in the screen cap, Chris said: “4 years ago, a devastating 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the coast of Japan and caused catastrophic damage across a […]